Biosafety cabinet (half row)



BHC series biological cleaning safety cabinet is a purification equipment with strong trafficability to provide local high clean working environment. It is widely used in teaching, electronics, bioengineering and scientific experiments. It is one of the commonly used instruments in microbiology, tissue culture and molecular biology experiments.

1、 Working principle
The air is pressed into the static pressure box through the side primary air filter and low-noise centrifugal fan, and evenly blown out at the top through the high-efficiency air filter to form a highly clean air curtain, remove the original natural air in the working area, and achieve the ideal high cleanliness space five minutes after startup. Adjustable air volume fan system and knob switch are adopted to adjust the voltage to ensure that the wind speed in the working area is always in an ideal state.

2、 Structural features
The box shell is made of cold rolled steel to ensure that there is no corrosion for a long time. The surface is treated by electric spraying, and the surface is smooth and dust-free. The table is laid with stainless steel plate. The electrical switch is a light touch switch, which is convenient for use. Electronic ballast for lamp tube.


cleanliness 100@≥0.5μm(209E)
cfu ≤0.5/dis/hour(Φ90㎜petri dish)
Average wind speed Inside door 0.38±0.025m/s
middle 0.26±0.025m/s
inside 0.27±0.025m/s
Front suction wind speed 0.35m±0.025m/s
Air density ≤10-6m/s( at 500Pa pressure)
noise ≤62dB(A)
Vibration half peak ≤5μm
Illumination ≥300LX
Power AC 220V/50Hz
KW 0.6KW 0.9KW 1.2KW
Weight ﹤200㎏ ﹤250㎏ ﹤300㎏
Specification and quantity of high efficiency filter 995×600×38×① 1295×600×38×① 1595×600×38×①
Specification and quantity of fluorescent lamp / UV lamp 20W×①/20W×① 30W×①/30W×① 30W×①/30W×①
Workspace size 1000×580×680mm 1300×580×680mm 1600×580×680mm
Whole size 1200×640×1950mm 1500×640×1950mm 1800×640×1950mm
Note: the company accepts the customization of non-standard biological clean safety cabinet required by customers' special specifications.


4、 Installation and use
The working table shall be located in a relatively clean working room (preferably in a 100000 grade or 300000 grade primary purification room). Plug in the power supply and turn it on according to the functions shown on the control panel. Before starting up, the working area surface and shell of the purification table shall be carefully cleaned to remove the dust on the surface, Normal operation can be carried out ten minutes after startup.
5、 Maintain
1. According to the actual situation, the primary filter shall be removed and cleaned regularly, and the cleaning cycle is generally 3 ~ 6 months. (if not cleaned for a long time, dust accumulation will lead to insufficient air inlet and reduce the cleaning effect).
2. When the ideal cross-section wind speed cannot be reached after normal replacement or cleaning of the primary air filter, the working voltage of the fan shall be adjusted to achieve the ideal uniform wind speed.
3. Generally, after 18 months of use, when the working voltage of the fan is adjusted to the highest point and still can not reach the ideal wind speed, it indicates that there is too much dust accumulation in the high-efficiency air filter (the filter hole on the filter material has been basically blocked and should be updated in time). Generally, the service life of the high-efficiency air filter is 18 months.


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