DSH-10A halogen moisture rapid tester



It is used for rapid determination of free water in chemical raw materials, grains, minerals, biological products, food, pharmaceutical raw materials, paper, textile raw materials and other samples.

During the test, the drying state can be directly confirmed and the end time can be estimated. Because of the automatic peeling function, the measurement can be carried out continuously and immediately, and can also be carried out accurately through zero drift correction.

Instrument features:

  1. The super-resolution backlit dot-matrix LCD screen is easy to operate in the dark, and the vision is more comfortable.
  2. One-click operation makes testing easier.
  3. High-precision thermal insulation sensor can collect data reliably.
  4. The halogen lamp is used for heating and drying, with rapid temperature rise and short test time.


Instrument parameters

Model: DSH-10A

Maximum weighing value: 10g

Readability: 10mg

Repeatability: 0.5%

Minimum sample size: 0.5

Recommended sample size: 3-10g

Heating time: 1-99min/every 1min

Temperature rise procedure: standard

Communication: RS232

Terminal control: timing, automatic

Heating temperature range: 50-160 ℃

Display content: moisture%, solid%, weight, time, etc

Scale size: 100mm

Overall dimension: 265 × one hundred and sixty × 150mm

Net weight: 5kg

Total weight: 6kg

Heating source: halogen lamp

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