Jaw crusher


model MT-10S MT-10M MT-10Y MT-10T
Jaw plate material corundum manganese steel Zirconia Tungsten carbide
Size of feed inlet 100*70mm 100*70mm 100*70mm 100*70mm
Feed size ≤30mm ≤30mm ≤30mm ≤30mm
Discharge particle size 1-10mm 1-10mm 1-10mm 1-10mm
throughput 1-30kg/h 1-30kg/h 1-30kg/h 1-30kg/h
power 0.75w 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
weight 95kg 95kg 95kg 95kg
Overall dimension 500*600*600(mm) 500*600*600(mm) 500*600*600(mm) 500*600*600(mm)
Crushing hardness ≤ Mohs 5.0 ≤ Mohs 7.0 ≤ Mohs 7.5 ≤ Mohs 9.0


High purity and pollution-free pre-crushing treatment


Product introduction

Use the squeezing and bending action of the two jaw plates on the materials to break the materials with various hardness

The mechanical crusher in the laboratory belongs to the material processing equipment in the front stage, which is essential in the crushing stage

The process is simple and easy to use, the jaw plate is simple and adjustable, and the adjustment process can be intuitive on the display

Display jaw plate spacing, which is convenient for laboratory personnel to master sample diameter and discharge diameter. Suitable for material diameter

Material within 30mm. After crushing, the material can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1-10mm. Solve high-purity samples

Pre-product treatment process. The power supply is 220V. (The bracket can be customized for industrial jaw crusher)


Product features

  • Final sample size (d ₉ ₀<1mm)
  • Rotational speed reaches 620min
  • Crushing jaw plates of four different materials
  • Blowing design clean discharge
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