Vibration sieve machine



6-layer grading fineness, accurate screening

Product introduction

  • The standard vibrating screen machine uses the vibrating motor as the vibration source, and the vibrating motor drives the screen
  • The vibration of the machine base is transmitted to the standard test screen placed on the base through the base,
  • Sieve the material particles smaller than the mesh on the surface of the test screen into the lower test screen
  • Screening, so that only materials with the same particle size are left in each layer of test screen. To achieve different granularity
  • Determine the particle size composition of this material. So that the materials in the test sieve can be effectively screened
  • Purpose of grading and filtering

Product features

  • High efficiency, exquisite and durable design, any powder and liquid can be screened
  • Small size, easy to move without occupying space
  • The sieve machine can place up to eight layers of test sieves (including bottom sieves), which can accurately separate two to seven particle segments from one particle at the same time
  • Automatic shutdown at fixed time
  • Ensure experimental repeatability
  • Complete functions and simpler operation
  • Low noise and light weight
  • Platform operation without fixing
  • Variable frequency adjustable amplitude
  • Optional ultrasonic and ultra-fine powder solution
  • Screen material can be stainless steel or nylon

Product parameters

model ZDS-200 ZDS-300 ZDS-400 ZDS-600
Screen diameter 200mm 300mm 400mm 600mm
Number of screen layers 7th floor 3 layers 3 layers 3 layers
Screen material Nylon/metal Metal Metal Metal
Screen selection range 5-1000 mesh 5-1000 mesh 5-1000 mesh 5-1000 mesh
Power Supply 220/50(v/hz) 220/50(v/hz) 220/50(v/hz) 380/50(v/hz)


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