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Instrument features

The BOD measuring instrument produced by our company is designed according to the measurement principle of differential pressure method. It simulates the biodegradation process of organic substances in nature. In the sealed culture bottle, the oxygen in the air above the culture bottle continuously supplements the dissolved oxygen consumed by the decomposition of organic substances in the sample. The CO 2 produced in the process of organic matter degradation is removed to change the air pressure in the culture bottle. By monitoring the change of air pressure in the culture bottle, the BOD value of the sample is calculated.

The BOD tester produced by our company can select 1-30 days of incubation time and test six water samples at the same time. During the test, the BOD value currently tested is directly displayed on the screen, and the current test data can be viewed at any time. The instrument has the function of automatic storage and can view the test result data at any time. The instrument also has wireless printing function, which can print test data. The instrument can store BOD5 result values for 10 years and directly transmit the test data to the computer through wireless transmission.


Host parameters

Determination range: 0-4000mg/l

Measurement error: meet the precision test standard of water quality BOD 5 (glucose glutamic acid standard solution BOD 5 =180-230mg/l)

Measurement days: 1-30 days

Measurement quantity: ≤ 6

Printing method: wireless printing

Recording interval: 6 minutes — 3 hours / time

Storage quantity: 10-year BOD 5 result value

Communication mode: wireless transmission

Volume of culture bottle: 580ml

Culture temperature: 20 ± 1 ° C

Working power supply: AC power supply 110–220v, 50/60hz

Rated power: 10W

Size: 272mm × 185mm × 75mm

Host weight: 2.4kg