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Horizontal electrophoresis Tank


Name: horizontal electrophoresis tank

Model: jy-spct

technical specifications

Gel area (W × L):120 × 120、120 × 60、60 × 120、60 × 60(mm)

Sample flux: (1.5mm thick) 1, 2, 3 teeth; (1.0mm thick) 6, 8, 11, 13, 18, 25 teeth

Buffer volume: ~ 550 (ML)

Overall dimension (L × W × H): 300 × one hundred and sixty × 75(mm)

Net weight: 1.1 (kg)

Performance characteristics

  • imported high transparency PC materials are used for one-time injection molding;
  • the two-color upper cover can be selected. When the cover is opened, the electrophoresis electric field is automatically cut off to ensure safe operation;
  • the pallet has a handle design to ensure the safety of the operation process;
  • the tray has anti drift function to effectively prevent strip bending;
  • the tray has a sampling background color design to facilitate sampling;
  • the safety cover opening button is designed to facilitate the opening of the upper cover;
  • equipped with special glue making box;
  • equipped with horizontal adjustment function;
  • removable electrode holder makes the maintenance and replacement of electrodes more convenient, fast and safe.

Product use

It is applicable to the detection and separation of DNA and the measurement of molecular weight.


Name: General electrophoresis instrument power supply

Model: jy300c


technical specifications

  1. Output type: constant voltage, constant current and constant power output (continuously adjustable)
  2. One time molding shell, touch button, microprocessor intelligent control
  3. Output range: 3 ~ 300V, 1 ~ 400mA, 1 ~ 120W
  4. It has the functions of automatic memory and automatic shutdown, as well as the functions of standard and timed operation
  5. LCD with backlight (128 × 64 pixels)
  6. With constant voltage, constant current, constant power and other intelligent prompt functions
  7. Output jack: 4 (groups)
  8. Overall dimension (L × W × H):280 × two hundred and thirty-seven × 118(mm)
  9. Net weight: 3.1 (kg)

Product use

It is suitable for routine horizontal, vertical, acetate film, imprint transfer and other electrophoretic experiments.