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Tissue proccessor


Tissue Processing Steps: 12 steps
Number of Reagent Cups: 9, with a volume of 1.2L (2.3L for a larger volume)
Number of Paraffin Cups: 3, with a volume of 1.0L (1.8L for a larger volume)
Duration in each cup: 0-10 hours ( 10 programs)
Maximal turn-on delay: 1 month
Minimum time interval setting: 1 min
Frequency of basket stirring: ≥10 times/hour, 30 sec for each time
Power: 500W (1.2L), 1000W (2.3L)
Size of Basket: Φ95×80mm;
Dimensions: 670 (Diameter)× 540 (Height, 680 mm at the highest point)
Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model), an additional converter is needed for 110V
Net Weight: 60kg