GT503 touch screen electronic analytical balance



Instrument features:

  1. Built-in ARM32 bit microprocessor chip, fast operation speed and high measurement accuracy;
  2. Digital filtering and advanced data processing technology are adopted to intelligently improve the response speed of the instrument and the accuracy of the measured data.
  3. Advanced electromagnetic sensor technology is adopted, and sensor accessories are processed by high-precision CNC machining center, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the sensor;
  4. The instrument adopts sealed windshield, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to use;
  5. The instrument has the advantages of counting, weighing, density, animal weighing and other modes of weighing to meet the needs of different customers, simple operation and high accuracy;
  6. The instrument circuit board adopts SMT chip mounting process, which improves the reliability of the product;
  7. BTN black film LCD with white backlight, clear display.

Technical parameters:

  Instrument model: GT503

Weighing range (g): 0-500

Readability (mg): 1

Accuracy level: II

Stabilization time: ≤ 4S

Scale size (mm): φ ninety

Net weight: 7.5kg

Overall dimension (mm): 360 × two hundred and twenty × three hundred and fifty

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

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