JA5003N electronic precision balance



JA series electronic analytical balance is developed by using electromagnetic balance sensor technology. It has the characteristics of high accuracy and strong environmental adaptability. At the same time, it has the functions of linear four-point calibration, counting and multiple unit conversion. The traditional sorting component circuit board is changed into a super digital integrated type, which makes the performance of this series of electronic balance more stable and faster.

Instrument features

  1. Large LCD with blue backlight is used, and the display function is complete.
  2. The sensor software technology of German STL Institute is adopted to support multi-point correction.
  3. Anti-static coating glass windscreen on all sides to shield external static interference.
  4. Built-in RS232 standard interface,optional connection of printer, computer and other equipment.
  5. Unit conversion: conversion of three different weighing units: carat, ounce and gram.

technical parameter

Instrument model: JA5003N

Weighing range (g): 0-500

Readability (mg): 1

Scale size (mm): 80

Net weight: 7.5kg

Overall dimension (mm): 355 × two hundred and twenty × three hundred and twenty-five

Working space height: 220mm

Calibration method: external calibration

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

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